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A Legacy To Be Remembered By

Along a beach one morning, a woman noticed a gentleman repeatedly picking something up off the ground and throwing it into the water. As their distance lessened, it became obvious the man was tossing starfish. Noticing her quizzical look he explained, “I’m throwing these starfish back into the sea. They washed up during low tide and if I don’t throw them back they’ll die due to lack of oxygen.”

The woman replied, “But there are thousands of starfish here. You can’t possibly save them all!” The man smiled, bent down, and threw another replying, “You’re right, but I made a difference to that one!”

Much of our lives are spent raising families, building careers, and preparing for retirement. We all want to make a difference in the world and be remembered fondly. Are you building a legacy that aligns with the values you most want to express? You can leave:

A legacy of provision. Nearly 70 percent of Americans do not have an up-to-date will. That means the majority of the people you know have yet to ‘get their financial house in order.’ But an up-to-date estate plan is not only good stewardship of the resources you’ve been given – it also establishes a plan to ensure your loved ones are provided for and any minor children will be raised by the guardian of your choosing.

A legacy of love. Many people are incorporating the idea of an “ethical will” into their estate planning. An ethical will passes along the riches of the heart. Personal letters, special family stories, affirmations of love, and your own life stories make an ethical will a rich and enduring gift.

A legacy of generosity. What causes and ministries have you felt connected to throughout your life? Would you consider leaving them a gift in your will? Planning a legacy gift to Cookeville Rescue Mission is a powerful way to communicate your values and inspire loved ones to think about how they may practice generosity in their lives too.

A Treasure You'd Never Want to Hunt

In 1982, New York publisher Byron Preiss released a book containing 12 puzzles, each consisting of a cryptic verse that had to be paired with a mysterious painting. If solved correctly, each puzzle would lead to a different park in a North American city where he’d buried a small container and key that could be exchanged for a jewel valued around $1,000. To date, only three have been found –the most recent discovered under home plate at Fenway Park in 2019.

While this modern-day treasure hunt has provided excitement for many across the internet, there’s another form of sleuthing no family should ever have to do – sifting through a loved one’s estate without a will. While no one can plan for an unexpected life event, we can prepare for them – and map out a secure future for those we love. Here’s how:

Create or update your will. Many people put off creating their estate plan because they think the process will be complicated, but it’s usually quite simple. Plus, the consequences of passing without a plan are steep – probate costs, family frustration, and losing your opportunity to name the next guardian of your children or resources.

Create a love drawer. Leaving a legacy is about more than financial inheritance. It’s pulling together important documents, passwords, policies, family stories, and even handwritten letters into one placefor your family – a treasure trove of information they won’t have to hunt for. Some people call this an “ethical” will but to grieving loved ones it will feel like gold.

Communicate your plans. No one likes to talk about mortality, but it’s important to share your plans and intentions with family. You can clue them in to your investments, any gifts you’ve included for a cause or charity like Cookeville Rescue Mission, and the personal values that have driven your decisions and life.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to create the ultimate treasure map for those you love. Take care of the people and organizations you value most with an up-to-date will. If you would like information on how you can create a will that provides for you family and organizations you love like Cookeville Rescue Mission, click the link below.

Making A Will