Volunteer Opportunities


General Volunteer Opportunity

There are various volunteer opportunities available. Please apply using the button to the right, and someone will be in contact with you. Thank you for your interest in helping those in need!

Hope Rings Out - Christmas Bell Ringing

It's time - Help women, children, and men get shelter, food, clothing, and counseling by ringing bells at our select locations. Simply click the Mission's Home Page or go directly to: https://hoperingsout.org and select if you are a new or returning volunteer. Then choose the date, time and location when you would like to help. 2 sets of bells, a CRM stand and collection box with 2 CRM aprons are already on-site for your convenience. But feel free to dress up in your own holiday gear, bring musical instruments or even your own chair. All you have to do is show up and have fun. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Prepare Meals

If you, your family or even your social group would like to volunteer with kitchen help, please call 931-528-5819. Opportunities include: you provide, prepare and serve a meal; prepare food provided by the Mission and serve our guests. For more information, please call and thank you for your interest.

Please Note: The Cookeville Rescue Mission requires a criminal background check (CBC) for volunteers prior to serving as a volunteer in certain aspects of the programs. The policy of CBC’s applies to regular volunteers who work with the Family Lodge, the Men’s Dormitory, and the Men’s Program Dorm on a regular basis, and/or are in contact with the children residing in or visiting the Cookeville Rescue Mission. New employees and interns are subject to a CBC as part of the “New Hire Checklist” process. The Cookeville Rescue Mission Executive Director will approve all volunteer applications and Criminal Background Checks.
* A volunteer application is not necessary to serve meals at events such as Community Fellowship Meal. Please see the Community Fellowship Meal page for more information.